What a Great Show!

I had such a wonderful time at America’s Got Talent tonight! I thank AT&T greatly for this experience they’ve given me. #AGT


I’m extremely excited about attending a live taping of America’s Got Talent today! It’s going to be a great show! I’ll share my experiences before and after the show.

Catch you later! 🙂

Mexican Food heaven

Today I had an amazing experience. We found a Mexican restaurant called The Mission around the corner from out flat. I haven’t had Mexican food since the Wednesday we left. I made sure to stop at El Torito right before we left because I knew we wouldn’t be regularly eating any of it here. Luckily, a nice new place opened up a couple months ago inspired by San Francisco. I felt so at home eating that chicken burrito! I can’t believe how homesick I am because that was so great to taste a little bit of home! I’m glad I know where to find easy, reasonably priced Mexican food around the block now.

A Hike Through The Meadow

Today, we hiked out through Port Meadow along the Thames. It was about 2 miles and we passed the ruins of Godstow abbey.  Accodring to the plaque there, the site was given to the foundress Edith, widow of Sir William Launceline in 1133 by John of St. John and built in local limestone in honor of St Mary and St John the Baptist for nuns of the Benedictine Order; with a further gift of land from him, the site was later enlarged. The church was consecrated in 1139.  The abbey became the final burial place of the famed beauty Rosamund Clifford (died circa 1176), a long-term mistress of Henry II. Henry’s liaison with Rosamund became public knowledge in 1174; it ended when she retired to the nunnery at Godstow in 1176, shortly before her death. Then we stopped at the Trout pub and had a drink (lemonade of course) where Lewis Carroll used to go.  Later that day, we walked back passed horses on the muddy meadow and nearly destroyed my shoes. Oh well!

Monday, March 22nd

I did a lot of shopping in the crowded markets of City Centre today.  There are so many people, many Americans, and lots of students here.  Everyone seems to shop for stuff daily. Nobody buys tons of food at the grocery store and they don’t buy what they don’t need. Also, people seem to mainly walk here, which makes the streets and sidewalks (the British say pavements) crowded.  It’s really irritating sometimes trying to walk here.  English culture does not respect personal boundaries, so people are constantly bumping into me.  I really hate that. In LA, you can’t bump into people purposely or it’ll get aggressive. On the positive side, it’s cool to buy food every day and try new things.  The pastries are great, and they have all kinds of sandwiches to choose from.  The candy seems way better than in the States.

English Culture

As hard as it is to believe, the United Kingdom has a very different culture than what you’d expect. As I discovered within a couple days of being here, there are tons of protests every day. As I’ve learned from other people here, all of the four countries, England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland all have totally different cultures. It’s tough to believe literature and cinema are still greatly appreciated here, but they very much are. Once you’ve been to tons of cathedrals, colleges, and museums, you’ll understand that it wasn’t forgotten. Of course the U.K. is also well known for its music, like The Beatles, and is known for the development of rock music. I don’t yet agree that the television business has made great breakthroughs yet since there are only about 30 channels.

Day Six, I Think

Day 6, I think? Wow! Being here in England is far from ordinary and I love it already! I’ve taken some pretty cool pictures so far. One of my assignments for my independent study include taking a journal of each day and things that interest me about Oxford. I love that assignment, especially since I actually enjoy writing and blogging. I can’t describe how cool it is living in a different country. I mean, back home in California, there’s not much to do when your fifteen. Here you can do (almost) anything! From an American’s perspective so much is different. From the weird power sockets to almost getting ran over by a bike multiple times, England is the place to be.  Honestly, I still am getting over this jet lag, but I imagine it’ll stop sooner or later. It’s a little late so I’m going to have to end this post early.

Crazy Do-Nothing Days Are Over!

What did you do today? That’s the question many people ask. For me, the answer is usually “nothing,” or “I duno?” Well being here in Oxford, every day theirs something happening. Since we don’t own cars here, (not that we’d want to knowing how people drive in England) we walk. Actually, most people walk since this town is so tiny. Today I got to sleep in and it was so great! I fixed myself some tea and yogurt and eventually walked down to the City Centre (on High Street) for my favorite, a frappuccino. Oh how I love them, however I didn’t agree with their prices and how their cups have all shrinked somewhat. After that I stopped at Orange. It’s a mobile phone store. My genius sister locked her phone and of course it was my job to fix it. Well, they gave me a number to call when I got home. After minutes of trying to talk to a french person, I finally unlocked the device. Finally. And that was my day. Not much happened, but it’s sure more than what I’d do back home. There’s so much to explore here and I can’t wait to become a real Oxfordian! Over and out!

Guess Who’s In England?

Wyatt’s in England (if you haven’t noticed) and I’m so glad to be here! The jet lag is finally wearing off. At least I think it is. I will admit, it’s a little nerve racking being the only American in a foreign society, but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Crossing the street isn’t as simple as it sounds. Really, it isn’t easy. I have the currency thing down so far though. Today I explored the city of Oxford a little more. You can find all of the pictures I took today on my Flickr photostream. I’ll have a great time, I know it!